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Information Systems in Bioinformatics

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Research projects and software


4D4Life is a project to move the computing infrastructure of the Catalogue of Life on to a more up-to-date, accessible, flexible and sustainable architecture.



Litchi is a web application which provides both a taxonomic checklist comparison and conflict-detection system and an online synonymy and cross-map server.

LSID Resolver

This is the Resolver for LSIDs issued by the Catalogue of Life.

Species 2000 GSDs

These are Species 2000 Global Species Databases (GSDs).

Spice CAS for Species 2000

This is the Spice Common Access System (CAS) for Species 2000.

Spice wrappers

These are the wrappers which interface between the Spice CAS and the Species 2000 GSD databases.

Taxon Matcher

Software Repository

All software accessible from this page is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). Please read the GPL document before downloading, copying, modifying or distributing this software. The software is not released into the public domain, and copyright remains with the original authors and projects. However, it may be downloaded, used, copied, modified and distributed in accordance with the terms of the GPL.

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