Taxonomic cross-mapping tools

Chang Liu, Andrew Jones & Richard White, Cardiff University School of Computer Science & Informatics

The things which you can test at present are a subset of the elements that Andrew and Chang plan to demonstrate in Berlin. The demo is in a number of pieces, for good development reasons, that are not seamlessly integrated. We are moving towards a more seamless integration, but the primary objective is to test the methodology and seek feedback, not produce a polished system at this stage. Indeed, the various requirements probably preclude a single "turn-key" approach.


Cross-mapping services for test and demonstration


1. Checklist importing and preparation for i4Life cross-mapping

Currently the following types of checklists can be imported into the "checklist repository". Although our current focus is on the cross-map creation and export processes listed below, it is hoped to add the Red Data List to this set of import data types before the Berlin meeting. This will make it possible to create a "mapping" between an edition of the CoL and the currently available Red List. DwC-A import will also be added.

2. i4Life cross-mapping tool test versions

The demo cross-mapping tools use as their source data the following databases, created as described above:
CR20110904Droseraceae, CR20110904Solanum, CR20110904Gracillariidae, CR20110904Phasmida
and infer the following taxonomic relationships:
isTaxCongruentWith, isTaxIncludes
The test subset data sets are described further in a brief text note.

The following cross-maps have been generated:

3. i4Life cross-mapping web services

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