Litchi projects

Litchi is the name we gave in Cardiff to two software systems for investigating the relationships between two taxonomic checklists.

There were two official funded projects which supported the development of the Litchi software.

  1. The stand-alone Windows software produced in the first project is now called Litchi 1.
  2. The second version of Litchi ("Litchi 2") is a web-based application.
Further investigation and experimental implementation of taxonomic checklist cross-mapping techniques is being carried out in the Biodiversity Informatics Group in the School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University.

Original Litchi project

The original BBSRC-funded project developed what is now called Litchi 1, a stand-alone Windows application. It focussed on the application of a set of rules to determine "conflicts" between the two checklists, so that the checklists could be merged semi-automatically (with expert assistance) into a single "consensus" checklist.

Litchi 2 project

Litchi 2 is a web application developed during the EU-funded EuroCat project. In Litchi 2, users can upload checklists to a server, where a set of rules (translated into Java) can be used to create a "cross-map" representing the relationships between the two checklists which the rules discover.